ESREL 2008

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Special session on Vulnerability of critical infrastructures


The continuous supply of goods and services by distributed interconnected infrastructure systems forms the backbone of all activities in modern industry and society. As a consequence, the robustness, safety and security of such infrastructures have become critical issues, calling for further improvement and optimization. On the other hand, the current quantitative methods of risk analysis seem not fully equipped to deal with the level of complexity and interconnectedness inherent in such systems. This session aims at gathering experts and collecting their contributions with regards to the development and application of models and techniques for the analysis of the vulnerability, reliability and safety of distributed network systems and critical infrastructures and the continuous service they provide. We encourage you to submit an abstract for this session. Please submit your abstract through the conference website,, specifying the title of the special session and the organizers in the headings of the abstract. Also please send a copy by email to

Please submit your abstract by: October 26, 2007